About us - UK confectionery wholesalers with a pedigree

Born into wholesale confectionery

If you’re familiar with the UK confectionery wholesale market, you might have come across the surname before – HS Wholesale Sweets was founded by David and Michael Hancock. And yes, “those” Hancocks, their father and uncle - Adrian and Andrew Hancock owned and managed the Hancocks confectionery empire until it was sold in 2012. Grandfather, Ray Hancock, set up Hancocks in 1962 from a small sweet shop in Shepshed, Leicestershire; way before they were born. Their future might have been written a long time ago.

UK Confectionery wholesalers Dave and Mike Hancock | HS Wholesale SweetsBoth growing up sampling a wide selection of sweets – some fantastic, others dreadful. But never a shortage of new ideas to try. Whether it was jelly sweets, boiled sweets, chocolate or lollipops, they would both do their bit for the business even at a young age.

Mike and Dave worked in Hancocks for many years and developed a deep understanding of how successful confectionery wholesalers operate and the key issues around wholesaling bulk confectionery. This experience and the knowledge that remains in the family led to the establishment of HS Wholesale Sweets as a proactive confectionery supplier for UK sweets businesses.

Two Hancocks doing it again

Having been born and bred amongst the great and the good in the UK confectionery industry, it might not be that surprising that David and Mike took the leap to establish a brand new online wholesale sweets shop, selling a choice selection of bulk sweets to all manner of businesses across the UK.

Keeping our overheads to an efficient minimum, we can offer you competitive prices on market-leading branded confectionery that includes the likes of Haribo and Swizzels. We can offer you a prompt and efficient service that quite simply, provides you with the bulk sweets you need, saving you time and hassle when stocking up and leaving you with more time to invest in other aspects of your business. We understand the importance of reliable sweet suppliers and that is just what we would love to be for your business.

Pick and mix sweets our speciality

Given the never-ending popularity of pick and mix sweets for so many businesses, coupled with our knowledge of the market, this area is a clear speciality for us. We focus on high quality, branded wholesale sweets that you can trust and your customers will come to recognise and love.

Boiled sweets continue to be popular and our wholesale range includes many varieties from a long-standing manufacturer, Tilleys Sweets. Feeding the nation’s love of traditional sweets and retro sweets, we stock key choices from companies such as Bristows, Swizzels and Walkers Nonsuch. Of course, no pick and mix sweets range would be complete without plenty of Haribo sweets and on that, we won’t let you down.

Our range of pick and mix sweets includes proven sellers that will help you to maximise your sales and we look forward to developing the range as the business grows.

Here to help you

Our UK wholesale sweets business is here to help companies like yours and we’d be delighted to do so. Our website contains a growing amount of information and advice about confectionery and has been designed with ease of use and speed in mind. Of course, if you have a specific query, please do get in touch.