Frequently asked questions

There are many questions that you might have about how we operate HS Wholesale Sweets or about bulk sweets in general. We have listed the most commonly asked questions for you here and will add to this list over time. Of course, we're always happy to help you with a specific query, should you have one, so please get in touch if your own question is not yet answered.

FAQs for HS Wholesale Sweets


How do I place an order for wholesale sweets with you?

Do you only sell in bulk sweets bags?

I’m not a business. Can I still purchase bulk confectionery from you?

How much is delivery?

I’m new to pick and mix sweets. Do you have any advice that can get me started?

I’m after wedding sweets. Can you help?

I’ve heard that traditional sweets sell well. Is this the case?

Do you manufacture any sweets yourselves?